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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


The Edge of DawnFind Out More About In The Darkest Night

  • The idea for this story came from the hero. As soon as Kel showed up in Logan's book (Edge of Dawn), I knew he had a story. I knew that he'd been captured and tortured and I was aware immediately that this event had a profound impact on his life, changing everything. I had no clue who had captured him or why.
  • Kel is a Gineal troubleshooter, but the council has pulled him from his territory because of the issues from his capture.
  • Farran has been in hiding, frightened that the Gineal will kill her. She's been raised to think of them as a dangerous enemy.
  • Kel never liked spiders, but it turned into arachnophobia while he was held captive.
  • Because she betrayed her father, Farran will be killed if she ever returns to her dimension. She fears if the Gineal don't murder her outright, they'll deport her to face certain death.
  • Kel wants to withdraw from the world and hide out in his home.



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Patti O'Shea