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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


In the Midnight HourFind Out More About In the Midnight Hour

  • The theme song for IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.
  • The idea for IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR came in two bursts. The first was in August 1998 when Deke came in, gave me his name and his circumstances. I wrote it down and dated it, but he had no heroine and there was no real story beyond his curse. The story finally came together in December 2003 when Ryne arrived. I was trying to finish THE POWER OF TWO at the time, but while she talked continually, she never interfered with Cai and Jake's story. What she gave me was information on her people. I heard weeks worth of details before she passed along any information about herself.
  • Ryne's name is pronounced Rine. Long I. It rhymes with line.
  • Deke's real name is Daniel. Since his father went by Dan and his parents didn't want to call him Danny or little Dan, he picked up his nickname—Deke.
  • Ryne's sister taught her to spellcast.
  • Deke's mother was an English teacher and his father was an officer on the LAPD.
  • Ryne's parents were both troubleshooters. They died in battle when she was fourteen.



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