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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


Ravyn's FlightFind Out More About Ravyn's Flight

  • The theme song for RAVYN'S FLIGHT: Girl U Want by DEVO.
  • The idea for RAVYN'S FLIGHT came when I saw, in my mind's eye, a clock blinking 12:00. When I asked what was going on, my view expanded until I saw my heroine sitting on the floor, huddled against the wall with her arms wrapped around her knees.
  • Ravyn's father, Julian Verdier, died when there was a malfunction on his scout ship. She was four.
  • Damon's favorite thing to do when he's on leave is to go fishing. He also likes to play darts and is a New York Yankee fan.
  • Ravyn is a talented artist and frequently relaxes by drawing pencil sketches.
  • For fun, Damon reads history books. He has particular interest in the First Oceanic War. He majored in history.
  • Ravyn's assignment to Jarved Nine is for three years. She's been on the planet eight months when Ravyn's Flight starts.
  • Ravyn's stepbrother, Alex, is a lieutenant colonel.



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