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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


In Twilight's ShadowFind Out More About In Twilight's Shadow

  • The theme song for IN TWILIGHT'S SHADOW: On the Dark Side by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.
  • As I was working on the proposal for IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, I realized that Creed and Maia were going to be a couple and that they needed their own book. I had no idea, though, what their story was until I was actually writing it.
  • Maia is five years older than her sister, Ryne, and more or less raised her since their parents weren't there for either girl emotionally. Maia would kill to protect Ryne.
  • Creed was raised by his grandparents.
  • Maia loves art and wants to work in a museum, but she didn't go to college.
  • Creed apprenticed in Sydney, NSW Australia.
  • Maia's parents were both troubleshooters. They died in battle when she was nineteen.



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