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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


In the Midnight Hour

In the Midnight Hour Reviews

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR was a wonderful book! Full of action, intrigue, magic, and romance, it has everything I could possibly want in a romance novel.

~Kelley Hartsell - CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

O'Shea ratchets up the paranormal thrills with this inventive and clever new tale. In book after book, she's been proving why she's destined to be a significant player in the paranormal genre. Rich with action, drama and passion, this is pure paranormal pleasure!

~Jill M. Smith - Romantic Times BOOK Reviews

I...look forward to more from Patti O'Shea soon! Terrific new series!

~Detra Fitch - Huntress Reviews

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is an exciting action-packed romantic suspense fantasy that grips the audience from the opening sequence...and never eases off the throttle.

~Harriet Klausner - Review Centre

Patti O'Shea delivers a gripping, tale full of suspense, danger, and attraction. IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is a true enjoyment to read.

~Kym Oetting - Romance Reader at Heart

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is certainly a book you will not be able to put down until you have read the final word.

~Robin Snodgrass - Romance Junkies

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is a fascinating and exciting read. I will definitely add Ms. O’Shea to my list of must read authors.

~Matilda - Coffee Time Romance

Some days it seems impossible to find a good romance that has a reader repeatedly saying, “just one more chapter.” IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is one of those books, keeping me up well past bedtime so I could finish it.

~Joan - Midwest Fiction Writers

[T]his is a totally new take on the magic scene, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good characters, fresh storyline and magic. I liked it. You will, too.

~Lory Martin - Fresh Fiction

Ryne and Deke are truly likable, and readers will cheer them on, laugh with them, and shed a tear or two for them. They complement each other perfectly and help each other to grow.

Dramatic, funny, and exciting, IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is a story not to be missed.

~Jennell - Romance Reviews Today

From the incredible beginning to the fabulous ending, IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR will keep the reader glued to their seat. Patti O’Shea has created not only a memorable world, but also a memorable story with two lovable, unique characters. Definitely add this one to your list to buy.

~Debby Guyette - Single Titles Reviews

[T]his book just blew me away. I simply could not put it down.

~Kathy Boswell - The Best Reviews

IN THE MIDNIGHT [HOUR] is a riveting paranormal romance.

~Lori Sears - The Romance Readers Connection

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR was an absolutely fantastic journey.

~Serena - Fallen Angel Reviews

IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR is an excellent book and a joy to read.

~Barb - Joyfully Reviewed

This story was great fun, with nonstop action and terrific depths of emotion.

~Riley Merrick - Riley's Reviews

Patti O'Shea is able to create a full, complex world with incredible ease. Details just flow naturally as part of the story, and the reader is never left behind. Another of O'Shea's talents is characters who stay true to themselves throughout a book's trials and tribulations - no "cop outs." This book is another of those - a complex, rich world populated by interesting characters.

~Gwen - The Good, The Bad, The Unread



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