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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


Through a Crimson VeilThrough a Crimson Veil Reviews

This adventurous thriller is searing hot and filled with passion, treachery and danger. It's paranormal adventure at its ultimate!

~Jill Smith - RT BOOKclub

Vivid, spellbinding and impossible to put down. Her [Patti O'Shea's] character development is first-rate and believable, her dialogue is crisp and snappy, and her narrative is vivid and spellbinding.

~Tanzey Cutter - Fresh Fiction

As far as heroes and heroines go, Mika and Conor are exceptional ones and draw readers in the minute they appear on the page. The sexual tension between them adds an air of excitement to the danger they are both in and is totally explosive. Danger is around every corner...and passion comes alive in Patti O'Shea's THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL.

~Sinclair Reid - Romance Reviews Today

THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL is a fantastic paranormal romantic suspense thriller that never slows down. Patti O'Shea spins a jewel of a Crimson City tale.

~Harriet Klausner - The Best Reviews

Ms. O’Shea writes a compelling story. The reader will be enthralled with the characters of Conor and Mika. Their story is intense, but offers a heartwarming love story.

~Lori Sears - Romance Readers Connection

Patti O’Shea proves once again why her books are some of the most highly anticipated of the year. Crimson City comes alive through the words of Patti O’Shea. Her fast paced and realistic story of demons and their presence in the world brings chills to the reader’s spine.

~Jenni - A Romance Review

THROUGH A CRIMSON a thrilling and imaginative paranormal fantasy. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action packed fantasy filled with great descriptions and highly sensual love scenes.

~Albertan - Paranormal Romance Writers

Ms. O’Shea takes on the intricate world of the demons, Orcus. The amazing culture that she has brought to life in THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL is nothing short of awesome. Her ability to take characters and settings out of the book and into the plain of a reader’s mind is awe-inspiring.

~Serena - Fallen Angel Reviews

If you liked the first two books you will love the spin Patti O'Shea puts on this paranormal keeper. It's exciting, fun, dangerous, and sexy! Two strong characters dominate the scene and their romance is as hot as it gets.

Action packed, scary, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny, THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL makes for a book that is hard to put down.

~Shannon Johnson - Romance Reader at Heart

…the romance [was] addictive in this story…but the mystery was just as irresistible. I was never quite sure of the whys or the whos until they were revealed. All in all, THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL…[is] an excellent paranormal romance, with everything I could want in a book…humor, emotional romance, sensuality, mystery and a fast pace.

~Tara Black - The Romance Studio

This book was intense from first page to last. I enjoyed this book so much that I am eager to read the rest of...the series!

~Kathy Boswell - The Best Reviews

Bright, ironic, and utterly sultry, THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL is the perfect treat for any paranormal romance fan. Mika and Conor are intriguing and full of depth. Their romance is fraught with peril and steam and the action is frankly non-stop.

~Beverly Forehand - Round Table Reviews

Through [a] Crimson Veil is a gritty paranormal page-turner. Congrats to Patt[i] O'Shea for keeping it real and unreal at the same time.

~Becky - Romance Central

Wow, THROUGH A CRIMSON VEIL is an incredible book.

~Kelley Hartsell - CK2S Kwips and Kritiques



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